What is this Teatime Samurai thing you've been hearing all about, anyway?

Teatime Samurai is a twin stick shooter created by Ben Ehrlich. The game takes place in ancient Japan in that dangerous period when zombies roamed the countryside and giant feet owned the skies.

You, a student of the great martial arts teacher Nashi have been invited back to his dojo for tea, but when you get there the place is swarming with nasties.

The goal of Teatime Samurai is to use the fireballs from your lantern to kill as many bad guys as possible. The catch is that every time you shoot, your lantern loses a little oil and your field of view gets smaller. Balance your light level and your fight level!

If you're good enough, you can secure yourself a spot on the venerable HIGH SCORE BOARD.

four player!?

Teatime Samurai! is available for Android, Windows, and Mac (and other platforms much later). Oh yeah, and did I mention that it's four-player for Windows and Mac?

The game is available free on Android and pay-what-you-want on Windows and Mac.